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Should you need to cancel for whatever reason; the following limitations on refunds apply. Please note all refunds will be given in Nepalese currency.

  1. Rafting
    • Cancelled 24 hours before departure-100% non refundable.
    • Cancelled between 48-24 hrs before departure-50% non-refundable.
    • Emergency cancellation fee US$10/ Transfer to an Alternative departure US$5 .
  2. Trekking & mountain Bike
    • Cancelled prior to 48 Hours to departure-100% refund less any costs of permits already incurred .
    • Cancelled within 48 hours of departure 100% non- refundable .
  3. Mountaineering course
    • 100% non-refundable
  4. Tours & Travels
    • Subject to individual Bookings, Seeking advice on making this booking.
    • Please note that Equator will provide all relevant documentation for the purpose of any insurance claim.
Release and Assumption of Risk

By booking on this expedition you acknowledge that there is an element of risk involved, Equator Expeditions, its agents associates and suppliers accept no responsibility for any illness, injury or death.

Neither will Equator Expeditions, its agents, associates and suppliers accept responsibility for loss or damage to your possessions. You sign understanding that:

  1. You assume all risks while travelling by aircraft, bus, truck, private vehicles, water crafts, carriage by horse or manually or travel on foot.
  2. All medical expenses you incure, including rescue by whatever means, Medical and Repatriation costs are paid by you. Any expedition cancelled due to AN ACT OF GOD is 100% non-refundable and should be coverage by your travel insurance. Information given by you of your insurance details is both true and accurate.
  3. You fully assume all risks and release Equator Expeditions, its agents, associates and suppliers from any responsibility.

You acknowledge that you have carefully read and understood this agreement. You acknowledge that this is a liability release and a legally binding contract between you and Equator Expeditions and its affiliated organizations. You sign on behalf of yourself, your heirs, executors and administrators, members of your family and any minors you choose to bring with you. You sign of your own free will.

Ps: Provide us your correct postal address. So that we can send you greetings information of our future Expeditions.

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